About us

We are a group of citizens, volunteers, associations and non-profit organizations united by the desire to safeguard the biodiversity of the Selva di Castelfidardo and the surrounding area.

Fondazione Duca Roberto Ferretti di Castelferretto

In 1999, Duke Roberto donated a large part of the forest of the Selva di Castelfidardo and the adjacent agricultural fields to the Foundation that bears his name, as well as a farmhouse, home to the regional environmental education center “Selva di Castelfidardo”. The Founder’s intention was to allocate this natural heritage for the benefit of the community, in order to improve the quality of life for all and to promote new forms of work for young people.

Selva Società Cooperativa Sociale

Since 2016, in collaboration with the Ferretti Foundation, it has been protecting the rural environment around the Selva di Castelfidardo through activities that involve the inclusion of disadvantaged people in the world of work. The cooperative puts work at the center of its mission, understood as a social value and aimed at the creation of sustainable projects with respect for the territory.

Goal of the project

Give the whole community the opportunity to contribute to the environmental protection of the Castelfidardo Forest through the adoption of olive trees that need care and attention in order to grow and increase the surface area