Adopt an olive tree in the Selva organic olive grove

A greener land is a better land, Let’s take care of it together

Help safeguard the Selva’s biodiversity too! Adopt an olive tree and support activities to protect the rural landscape of the Marche region!

Click on one of the 3 olive varieties available for adoption


piantone di Mogliano


Let’s protect the territory of the “Selva of Castelfidardo”


We have been protecting the Selva from urbanization for more than 20 years to ensure respect for diverse ecosystems.

Organic farming

The organically managed olive grove creates a protective strip between the forested environment of the Selva and the man-made areas surrounding it.

Wild Fauna

The animals of the Selva have ensure conditions for the maintenance of their natural habitat.

The organic olive grove

In 2021, with the guidance of the regional agency Marche Agricoltura Pesca, we carried out a planting of an area left uncultivated, adjacent to the Selva, selecting only native varieties of olive trees at risk of extinction, such as Mignola, Raggia and Piantone di Mogliano.

Who’s in charge of the olive grove and the preservation of the Selva?

A group of citizens, volunteers, associations and non-profit organizations united by the desire to safeguard the biodiversity of the Selva di Castelfidardo and the surrounding area. The Ferretti Foundation and Selva Cooperativa Sociale in particular will be the coordinating entities of the project…

… and then there’s me: the pollinator Maurino

In the new 2021 planting, in addition to the endangered varieties, we have included one-also native-with the aim of encouraging pollination. It is Maurino, an olive tree with high pollen production, vigorous bearing and dense, closed foliage that make it extremely resistant to wind. Pollination of the olive tree is anemophilous, meaning that it occurs by the wind carrying pollen from one flower to another. Most olive trees have flowers that are unable to fertilize themselves, so pollen exchange with fertile varieties such as Maurino allows fertilization and subsequent fruit production.